The next London Anthropology Day will be held on 29th June 2019 at the British Museum’s Education Clore Centre. The day consists of an introduction to anthropology (both biological and social), a range of interactive workshops run by anthropology lecturers, and presentations on university admissions and careers. All participating universities have representatives and information stalls at the event. In addition, there will be a range of exhibitions and information displays. Drinks and snacks are provided but participants need to bring a packed lunch.

If you would like to receive printed posters and postcards to advertise the 2019 event in your school, please email education@therai.org.uk with your name and your postal address.

To see what the day is like and find out more about anthropology, take a look at our LAD Gallery .Photographs of RAI education outreach activities are also available on our Flickr page: www.flickr.com/photos/raieducation

Event Feedback

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For A-level, FE, and lifelong learning students

The London Anthropology Day is an opportunity for Year 12, 13, FE and lifelong learning students to learn about anthropology and get a taste of the diversity of sub-disciplines and degree programmes offered. You will meet current students and lecturers from many anthropology departments and get a chance to experience first-hand what it is like to study anthropology at university.

For Careers Advisors and AimHigher Co-ordinators

Places are reserved for careers advisors and AimHigher Co-ordinators in order to sustain the widening participation aims of the day.

For Teachers

The London Anthropology Day provides a valuable opportunity for teachers interested in developing anthropology within the National Curriculum to meet, discuss ideas and find out more about the Anthropology A-level and anthropology within the International Baccalaureate. If you are interested in anthropology at the pre-university level, contact the Royal Anthropological Institute’s Education and Communications Officer, Emma Ford at education@therai.org.uk to join our teachers’ network and get regular updates on activities, events and resources.

For current university students and recent graduates: volunteer at London Anthropology Day

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The 2017 event

The 14th London Anthropology Day took place on 29th June 2017. The event received 500 attendee bookings. 22 universities from Ireland, Wales and England participated alongside  2 organisations who exhibited and a publisher who advertised. Participating universities provided workshops on human evolution, forensics, protest, material culture and visual anthropology. The event was organised jointly by Emma Ford (RAI Education & Communications Officer) in collaboration with the British Museum.  An interactive panel session on University Admissions and Careers in Anthropology proved very popular – thanks to the panel who offered this lively session. Special thanks go to Professor Lissant Bolton, Keeper in the Department if Africa, Oceania and the Americas at the British Museum and to Dr Evan Killick for his introductory remarks on anthropology as an intriguing and essential discipline for the 21st century. To find out what LAD 2017 was like, please take a look at our photo gallery: www.flickr.com/photos/raieducation and take a look at the London Anthropology Day 2017 Programme and the London Anthopology Day 2017 Workshops.

Archive of London Anthropology Day

Find out more about previous LADs through our London Anthropology Day Event Archive .