London Anthropology Day (LAD) is a FREE annual university taster day for Year 12, 13, FE students, careers advisers and teachers. #LAD2019 will take place on Saturday 29 June 2019.

London Anthropology Day is free but we encuorge attendees to book their places in advance to indicate which workshops they would like to attend. Booking will open via this website on 1st May 2019.

The event is held at the British Museum‘s Education Clore Centre. On the day, participants get to learn what anthropology is about, the types of careers anthropologists do, and gain hands-on experience of what it is like to study the subject at university.

Lecturers from universities across Britain provide interactive workshops on biological and social anthropology. To get an idea of the sorts of workshops on offer, take a look at the LAD2018 programme and LAD2018 workshop descriptions. You can also browse the Guide to participating universities at LAD2018. At London Anthropology Day, students are able to learn about the various specialisations of participating universities, explore the museum’s ethnographic galleries and interact with volunteers who are currently studying anthropology.

The event is free and open to Year 12, 13 and FE Students, Careers Advisers, teachers, parents and anyone interested in learning more about anthropology.

On this website you can:

London Anthropology Day is organised by Emma Ford, RAI Education and Communications Officer through the Royal Anthropological Institute’s Discover Anthropology Education Outreach Programme in collaboration with the British Museum and participating universities.