2016 Programme

London Anthropology Day Programme

Thursday 30th June 2016

10:00 Registration (Clore Centre, British Museum)
Once registered, participants can visit the university stalls and exhibitor stalls.

10:30 Welcome and Introduction (BP Lecture Theatre)
Dr Lissant Bolton (British Museum) will welcome participants to the event and inform them about Anthropology at the British Museum. Following this introduction, Prof Paul Basu (SOAS) will share his insights on why Anthropology is an intriguing and essential discipline for the 21st century.

11:00 First Workshop Session
The Evolution of Culture (Stevenson) Jamie Tehrani, Durham University
A Walk on the Dark Side: human nature and the attraction of death, disaster and catastrophe (BP) Jonathan Skinner, University of Roehampton
Object Worlds in the Pacific (Moser) Yvonne Marshall & Joshua Pollard, University of Southampton
Studio Photography in Africa: Anthropology, Archaeology and Art History (Studio) Ferdinand de Jong, University of East Anglia
Good to think, pet, kill, torture, defend, blame and eat: a workshop on the anthropology of human-animal interactions (Sackler A) Julien Dugnoille, University of Exeter
Human Evolution – 7 million years in the making (Sackler B)
Simon Underdown, Oxford Brookes University
Why We Post: the Anthropology of Social Media (Anthropology Library)
Laura Haapio-Kirk, Xinyuan Wang, Shriram Venkatraman, Daniel Miller, Razvan Nicolescu & Juliano Spyer [Why We Post Team, UCL]

12:00 Second Workshop Session
Filming Ritual (Stevenson), Chris Wright, Goldsmiths
The Madness of Success? Why Stress, Anxiety and Depression are on the Rise in Contemporary Societies (BP) Nick Long, LSE
• Why Die for a Group? (Moser) Jonathan Lanman, Queen’s University Belfast
The Anthropology of Fairytales (Studio) Camilla Power, University of East London
Brains, Bones and Genes: what makes us human? (Sackler A)
Eóin Parkinson, Sarah Decrausaz & Emma Pomeroy, University of Cambridge
Why We Eat, What We Eat (Sackler B)
Emma-Jayne Abbots, University of Wales Trinity St. David
Anthropology Teachers’ Session (Anthropology Library) Laura Haapio-Kirk, Xinyuan Wang, Shriram Venkatraman, Daniel Miller, Razvan Nicolescu, Juliano Spyer [Why We Post Team, UCL] and Tomislav Maric [Anthropology A Level Teacher at Bentley Wood High School for Girls]

13:00 Lunch Break
Participants can either bring a packed lunch or purchase lunch at the museum or nearby cafés. Students will have the opportunity to talk to representatives from universities and explore the exhibitions on display.

14:00 Third Workshop Session
Why Economists are Almost Always Wrong: the case for studying anthropology (Stevenson ) Will Rollason, Brunel University London
Bodies and Performances (BP) Evan Killick, University of Sussex
The Face of Identification: from the skull to the identity of unknown corpses (Moser)
Matteo Borrini, Liverpool John Moores
Social Anthropology and International Development (Studio)
Emma Gilberthorpe, University of East Anglia 
Anthropology After War – inside and outside perspectives (Sackler A) Stephanie Schwandner-Sievers, Bournemouth University
Why We Post: the Anthropology of Social Media (Sackler B)
Laura Haapio-Kirk, Xinyuan Wang, Shriram Venkatraman, Daniel Miller, Razvan Nicolescu & Juliano Spyer [Why We Post Team, UCL]

15:00 Fourth Workshop Session
• Was Biological Sex Always Gender? (Stevenson) Caroline Osella, SOAS
South Pacific: Visual Anthropological Journeys (BP) Mike Poltorak, University of Kent
Intelligent Objects – a hands-on workshop examining strange things (including beer cans and vegetables) (Moser) Ludovic Coupaye, UCL
Embodying History: how do humans become who they are? (Studio)
Gillian Evans, University of Manchester
The Real Paleo: Human Evolution and the Hadza Hunter Gatherer Diet (Sackler A) Colette Berbesque, University of Roehampton
• What is the appeal of ‘going native’ in tourism and reality TV? (Sackler B) Rupert Stasch, University of Cambridge

16:00 University Admissions and Careers in Anthropology (BP Lecture Theatre)
This information session will provide advice about applying to study anthropology at university and career possibilities with an anthropology degree. There will be a brief talk followed by a chance to ask a panel of university lecturers, admissions tutors and anthropology graduates working in different careers any questions you have about studying anthropology and possible careers.

17:00 Finish

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