2017 Programme

London Anthropology Day Programme

Thursday 29th June 2017

10:00 Register and Explore the Stalls (Clore Education Centre, British Museum)

Once registered, visit the university and exhibitor stalls to ask questions about undergraduate anthropology courses and admissions. Be sure to check the “Guide to Participating Universities 2017”.

11:00 Welcome and Introduction (BP Lecture Theatre)

Emma Ford (RAI) will explain the day’s schedule while highlighting essential details of the event. Dr Lissant Bolton (British Museum) will welcome participants to the event and inform them about Anthropology at the British Museum. Following this introduction, Dr Evan Killick (University of Sussex) will share his insights on why Anthropology is an intriguing and essential discipline for the 21st century.

11.30 First Workshop Session
  • The Evolution of Culture (Stevenson) Jamie Tehrani, Durham University
  • A Walk On the Dark Side: human nature, heritage and the attraction to death, disaster and catastrophe (BP) Jonathan Skinner, University of Roehampton
  • Collisions! People and Objects in Pacific Worlds (Moser) Yvonne Marshall & Joshua Pollard, University of Southampton
  • Children of the Rainforest (Studio) Camilla Morelli, University of Bristol
  • Down to the Bare Bones (Sackler A) David Errickson, BABAO [British Association for Biological Anthropology and Osteoarchaeology]
  • Honour, Conflict and Coercion: the Anthropology of Violence (Sackler B) Andrew Sanchez, University of Cambridge
  • Technology and Anthropology: Why People Matter (Anthropology Library) Dan Podjed, Applied Anthropology Network, EASA [European Association of Social Anthropologists]
  • Working at the British Museum: A True Story (Gallery Tour) Jago Cooper, British Museum
12.30 Second Workshop Session
  • The Anthropology of Protest (Stevenson), Martin Webb and Gabriel Dattatreyan, Goldsmiths
  • The Madness of Success? Why Stress, Anxiety and Depression are on the Rise in Contemporary Societies (BP) Nick Long, LSE
  • Why Die for a Group? (Moser) Jonathan Lanman, Queen’s University Belfast
  • Why We Eat, What We Eat (Studio) Emma-Jayne Abbots, University of Wales Trinity St. David
  • Brains, Bones and Behaviour: What makes us human? (Sackler A) Sarah-Louise Decrausaz and Eóin Parkinson, University of Cambridge
  • Ethnographic Film and the Magic of the Moving Image (Sackler B) Caterina Sartori, Film Officer and Film Festival Manager of the Royal Anthropological Institute
  • Teachers’ Session (Anthropology Library) Patrick Alexander, Editor of the ‘Teaching Anthropology’ Journal and Kevin Purday, IB Teacher at Hockerill Anglo-European College and Trainer of IB Social and Cultural Anthropology
13:30 Lunch Break

Enjoy a packed lunch or purchase lunch at the museum or nearby cafés. This is another opportunity to visit the university and exhibitor stalls and explore the exhibitions on display.

14.30 Third Workshop Session
  • Why Economists are Almost Always Wrong: the case for studying Anthropology (Stevenson) Will Rollason, Brunel University London
  • Bodies and Performances (BP) Evan Killick and Meike Fechter, University of Sussex
  • Anthropology After War – inside and outside perspectives (Moser) Stephanie Schwandner-Sievers, Bournemouth University
  • Anthropology in a Globalised World (Studio) Bryan Maddox, University of East Anglia
  • Talking Bones (Sackler A) Christophe Soligo, UCL
  • Technology and Anthropology: Why People Matter (Sackler B) Dan Podjed, Applied Anthropology Network, EASA [European Association of Social Anthropologists]
15.30 Fourth Workshop Session
  • Perceptions and Projections: Visual Anthropological Journeys in the South Pacific (Stevenson) Mike Poltorak, University of Kent
  • When South Asians were white, humans had one biological sex, and other surprising tales of modern life (BP) Bridget Kustin and Comfort Enoch-Moye, SOAS
  • What does Anthropology Teach us about Empathy? (Moser) Jason Danely and Sam Smith, Oxford Brookes
  • Voluntourism: What is it Good For? (Studio) Chika Watanabe, University of Manchester
  • Facing the Dead: from the skull to the identity of unknown corpses (Sackler A) Matteo Borrini, Liverpool John Moores
  • Film Screening: Fighting for Nothing to Happen (Sackler B) Caterina Sartori, Film Officer and Film Festival Manager of the Royal Anthropological Institute
16:30 University Admissions and Careers with Anthropology – your questions answered! (BP Lecture Theatre)

Get top tips for applying to study anthropology at university and career possibilities with an anthropology degree. Hear from anthropology graduates including ‘Humans in 5’ YouTube Channel Host and Creator, a Research Officer in the Civil Service, an Anthropologist devoted to developing people-centred and environmentally responsible IT solutions, a Museum Curator and an Admissions Tutor for undergraduate anthropology.

17:30 Finish

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