2019 Programme

London Anthropology Day Programme
Saturday 29th June 2019

10:00 Register and Explore the Stalls (Clore Education Centre, British Museum)

Once registered, visit the university and exhibitor stalls to ask questions about undergraduate anthropology courses and admissions. Be sure to check the ‘Guide to Participating Universities 2019’ in your London Anthropology Day bags.

11:00 Welcome and Introduction (BP Lecture Theatre)

Emma Ford (RAI) will explain the day’s schedule while highlighting essential details of the event. Dr Ben Burt (British Museum) will welcome participants to the event and inform them about Anthropology at the British Museum. Following this introduction, Dr Nick Long (LSE) will share his insights on why Anthropology is an intriguing and essential discipline for the 21st century.

11:30 First Workshop Session

  • 7 Million Years of Human Evolution in 45 minutes! (Stevenson) Simon Underdown, Oxford Brookes
  • The Madness of Success? Why Stress, Anxiety and Depression are on the Rise in Contemporary Societies (BP) Nick Long, LSE
  • Beyond the Bones: Skeletal Studies in Biological Anthropology and Osteoarchaeology (Moser) Clare Hodson, BABAO
  • But a Monkey shaved? Primate Comparative Anatomy, Evolution and Ecology (Studio) Sarah Elton, Durham
  • Contested Symbols (Stevenson) Dominic Bryan, Queen’s University Belfast

12:30 Second Workshop Session

  • Life in the Field: how Anthropologists Build Knowledge (Stevenson) Martin Mills, University of Aberdeen
  • You can’t Speak “Properly” (that’s a good thing!) (BP) Fiona Jordan and Theresia Hofer, University of Bristol
  • Evolution of the Human Hand over Five Million Years (Moser) Chris Dunmore, University of Kent
  • Bones, Brains and Behaviour: What Makes us Human? (Studio) Emma Pomeroy, University of Cambridge  
  • The Anthropology of Sound: Exploring Auditory Culture (Sackler) Tom Rice, University of Exeter

13:30 Lunch Break

Bring a packed lunch or purchase lunch at the museum or nearby cafés. This is another opportunity to visit the university and exhibitor stalls and explore the careers display.

14:30 Third Workshop Session

  • The Global Lives of the Orangutan: an Anthropological Perspective (Stevenson) Liana Chua, Brunel University London
  • Perceptions and Projections: Visual Anthropological Journeys in the South Pacific (BP) Mike Poltorak, University of Kent
  • Intelligent Objects: A Hands-on Workshop Examining Strange Things (including beer cans and giant vegetables) (Moser), UCL, Ludovic Coupaye
  • Anthropology, Migration and Crisis (Studio) Sebastien Bachelet, Manchester
  • Disease, Death and Dissection: Evidence for Health Care in Past Societies (Sackler) Heidi Dawson-Hobbis, University of Winchester
  • Teachers’ Session – Fieldwork, Ethics and More! (Ford Centre for Young Visitors) Angela Riviere, International Baccalaureate, and Emma Ford, Royal Anthropological Institute

15:30 Fourth Workshop Session

  • Sex, Gender and the Body (Stevenson) Kirsten Bell and Colette Berbesque, University of Roehampton
  • Natural Born Killers? The Anthropology of Conflict, from Chimpanzees to Crusaders and Everything in Between (BP) Fiona Coward and Stephanie Schwander-Sievers, University of Bournemouth
  • What is a Cannibal? (Moser) Joshua Pollard and Yvonne Marshall, University of Southampton
  • The Museum as a Courtroom of Colonialism (Studio) Charlotte Joy, Goldsmiths
  • Bodies and Performances (Sackler) James Fairhead, University of Sussex

16:30 University Admissions and Careers with Anthropology: your questions answered (BP Lecture Theatre)

Get top tips for applying to study anthropology at university and explore career possibilities with an anthropology degree. Meet our panel of admissions tutors and anthropology graduates who work in a range of careers. Hear from Gemma John, Director of ‘Human City’ speaking about how she uses anthropological insight to inform the creation and use of buildings and spaces.

17:30 Finish