2022 Programme

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Thursday 30th June 2022

10:00 Register and Explore the Stalls (Clore Education Centre, British Museum)
Once registered, visit the university and exhibitor stalls to ask questions about undergraduate anthropology courses and admissions. Be sure to check the ‘Guide to Participating Universities 2022’ in your London Anthropology Day bags.

11:00 Welcome and Introduction (BP Lecture Theatre)
Sophie Cowling (RAI) will explain the day’s schedule while highlighting essential details of the event. Lissant Bolton (British Museum) will welcome participants to the event and inform them about Anthropology at the British Museum. Following this introduction, Simon Underdown (Oxford Brookes) and Alanna Cant (The University of Reading) will share their insights on why Anthropology is an intriguing and essential discipline for the 21st century.

11:30 First Workshop Session
● Politics and Relationships in the US: An Anthropological Perspective (BP) Siobhan Magee, The University of Edinburgh
● Anthropology of Heritage: Economic Development (Stevenson) Alanna Cant, The University of Reading
● What is love? (Studio) Jessica Johnson, The University of Birmingham
● Student/Staff Collaborative Research (Moser) Gavin Weston, Goldsmiths College
● The Midas Touch: how 5 million years of evolution shaped our extraordinary human hands (Sackler A) Chris Dunmore, The University of Kent
● Digital Anthropology and the World of TikTok (Sackler B) The RAI Public Anthropology Fellows

12:30 Second Workshop Session
● Stimulating Anthropology – Drugs and Medicines Around the World (BP) Neil Carrier and Theresia Hofer, University of Bristol
● Bringing them Home: the contribution of forensic anthropology for the repatriation of soldiers remains (Stevenson) Matteo Borrini, Liverpool John Moores University
● 7 Million Years of Human Evolution in 45 minutes! (Moser) Simon Underdown and Sam Smith, Oxford Brookes
● Life in Debt? What can anthropology tell us about the modern epidemic of indebtedness? (Studio) Deborah James, London School of Economics. ● Brexit Britain: Why We Are All Post-Industrial Now (Sackler A) Gillian Evans, University of Manchester ● Your Dissertation Project, Your Research, Your Skills (Sackler B) Tanya Argounova-Low, University of Aberdeen

13:30 Lunch Break
Bring a packed lunch or purchase lunch at the museum. This is another opportunity to visit the university and exhibitor stalls and explore the careers display. The British Museum will also be providing short tours for anyone interested.

14:30 Third Workshop Session ● Bodies and Performances (Stevenson) Meike Fechter, University of Sussex ● Ethnographic Film Screening (BP) Caterina Sartori and Steve Hughes, RAI Film Team
● Meet the Ancestors (Sackler B) Ashleigh Wiseman, University of Cambridge
● Environmental Anthropology and Doing Research with Animals (Sackler A) Gabriella Santini, UCL
● Disease, Death and Dissection: Evidence for Health Care in Past Societies (Studio) Heidi Dawson-Hobbis, University of Winchester
● Learning to play the game: how migrants become ‘legal’ in Italy (Moser) Anna Tuckett, Brunel University London

15:30 Fourth Workshop Session
● ‘Gold walks like a snake’: How anthropology can help us understand ‘natural’ resources (BP) Rosalie Allain, University of Oxford
● Anthropology and Storytelling (Stevenson) Fiona Murphy, Queens University Belfast
● Ethical anthropology: towards an inclusive study of humanity (Studio) Liana Chase and Leo Hopkinson, Durham University
● Pandemics Past and Present: Anthropological Perspectives (Moser) Rosie Read and Emilia Hunt, Bournemouth University
● Introduction to Forensic Anthropology (Sackler A) Rebecca Reid, University of Dundee
● Using cultural heritage as a means for inter-community cohesion and wellbeing in refugee camps (Sackler B) Adrian Evans, The University of Bradford

16:30 Fifth Workshop Session
● University Admissions and Careers with Anthropology: your questions answered (BP Lecture Theatre)
● Teachers Session (Sackler A) Laura Pountney and Tomislav Maric

17:30 Finish