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Durham Anthropology is a large interdisciplinary department, teaching Social Anthropology (through our BA Anthropology) Evolutionary Anthropology (through our BSc Anthropology) and the Anthropology of Health (through our BSc Health and Human Sciences).

All our single honours degrees share the same interdisciplinary first year, before offering the opportunity to specialise in years two and three.  We also offer joint honours programmes with Archaeology, Sociology and Psychology.

Fieldwork and methods training is at the heart of our degree programme and all students learn basic qualitative and quantitative methods in year one, practice them in local field trips in year two, and participate in a funded two-week field school in year three.  We encourage all our students to draw on this expertise and carry out independent research in their dissertations.

Social Anthropology ✔️
Biological Anthropology ✔️
Material Culture/Archaeology ✔️
Entry Requirements AAB (reduction of up to 2 grades contextually)/IB 36
Preferred SubjectsNo preferences
Single Honours?BA Anthropology (L602); BSc Anthropology (L601); BSc Health and Human Sciences (B991)
Joint Honours?BA Anthropology and Archaeology (L654); BA Anthropology and Sociology (LL36); BSc Psychology and Anthropology (CL86)
Part-time option?No
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