Feedback from previous London Anthropology Day events

For security purposes we have only included people’s first names.

Beth from Rugby High School

“I loved every workshop I did and would love to come again. Has enabled me to experience what studying anthropology would be like, especially important as it is not taught in my school”

Dominika from St James Catholic High School

“Incredible day! The lectures and workshops were so interesting and the university stands really helped me narrow down which universities I would like to attend”

Lucy from Marlborough College

“I thought this was a fantastic event with talks from every angle of Anthropology. I was interested to learn how broad the specification of Anthropology is and how interactive the subject is”

Willow from Marlborough College

“Gave such a broad introduction to anthropology as each talk gave a different aspect of the subject, showing of the breadth of Anthropology. Really encouraged me to study it at university”

Elie from Paris, France

“I really enjoyed the event. It was organized really well, the talks were very interesting and talking with representatives from all universities was a great opportunity. Thank you!”

Finn from Reigate Grammar School

“Loved the range of workshops and it was great to have so many universities represented”

Henry from Eton College

“Really great day! It has convinced me to almost certainly do anthropology at university”

Nikita from Sir Henry Floyd Grammar School

“Eye opening event, changed my views and conceptions of what I want to do in Anthropology. It was a very valuable day. I appreciate all that have helped organize the day.”

Annabel, Home Educator

“So impressive! Perfect organisation, very friendly welcome, excellent quality workshops. Huge thanks!”

Anju from George Green’s School

“I really enjoyed the lectures, especially the human mate choice one it was very interesting. The day has definitely made me consider doing anthropology at university.”

Haleena from Woodford County High School for Girls

“I really enjoyed being a part of LAD especially the video project and getting an insight to different people’s perceptions of anthropology and this was thanks to the workshops I attended to.”

Irena, Parent

“A brilliant day to broaden horizons for my daughter to choose her future studies. I did not realize that there were so many aspects to anthropology. Very well organized with lots of friendly people.”

Julie from Spain

“Everything has been wonderful. I wish in my country we had something similar.”

Pilar from University of Alicante

“Excellent Event! Great organization, interesting lectures, and workshops. Keep up the excellent work! Thank you for the WiFi, which allowed me to share the event with my whole department. You’ve been in Spain today.”


An excellent day – I came with my daughter (year 12) and we both found the subject to be much wider & more diverse than we thought.  All the presentations and workshops were informative and the opportunity to meet and speak to representatives of so many different universities, especially the Q&A session, was really helpful.”


“Well organised and interesting.  Good range of lectures.  Will recommend.”

Sierra from Hills Road Sixth Form College

“Really enjoyed the workshops and found them very useful in giving a taster of what anthropology is like at university level.  Talking to the faculties of the different unis was very helpful too. Great day!”