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Our degrees are designed for imaginative, critical thinkers who are passionate about understanding why the world is as it is – and about using the insights anthropology provides to make it better.

You will explore the incredible diversity of human experience, examining how different political, legal, and economic systems influence people’s beliefs, values and practices – and interrogating the very categories we use to describe the world, such as gender, religion, and culture.

In addition, you will explore how anthropological insights can be applied to make a difference: to see how legal systems could be made more just; how public health campaigns could be improved; and how development interventions could be made more effective.

Social Anthropology ✔️
Biological Anthropology
Material Culture/Archaeology
Entry Requirements AAB (ABB contextual)/ IB 37/666 HL
Preferred Subjects No preferences
Single Honours?BA Social Anthropology; BSc Social Anthropology
Joint Honours?BA Anthropology and Law.
Students admitted to the BA or BSc in Social Anthropology can also elect to undertake a specialism in Politics, International History, or a language. If a student takes a unit from one of these three disciplines in each year of their study, they will be eligible to graduate with the following degrees:
BA/BSc Social Anthropology with Politics
BA/BSc Social Anthropology with International History BA/BSc Social Anthropology with a Language
Part-time option?No
Contact Anthropology.Enquiries@lse.ac.uk