East Anglia (Anthropology with International Development)

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Are you curious about how diverse cultures and contemporary societies interpret and interact with global issues such as climate change, globalisation and intense environmental, technological and social change? At UEA, we offer a unique degree in anthropology that explores classical anthropological themes in contexts dominated by global development agendas and industrial expansion. The degree programme draws on the research of our anthropologists to cover areas as diverse as gender relations and social change, the role of religion in development, migration and food, education and literacy inequalities, language diversity and interculturalism, and well-being and chronic poverty.

Social Anthropology ✔️
Biological Anthropology
Material Culture/Archaeology
Entry Requirements AAB/ IB 32
Preferred Subjects No preferences
Single Honours?
Joint Honours?BA International Development with Anthropology, BA International Development with Anthropology with a Placement Year, BA International Development with Anthropology with Overseas Placement, BA International Development with Anthropology with a Year Abroad
Part-time option?No
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