Media from the RAI’s Education Outreach Programme

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Discover Anthropology Through Student Voices

A film which follows students exploration and understanding of anthropology. The film expresses student views on choosing anthropology at pre-university and undergraduate level, the skills they’ve gained from studying the subject, and why they think anthropology is important for the 21st century. The film was produced by Nafisa Fera in collaboration with film-makers Luke Moody and Pietro Passarelli.

Inside Anthropology

A short film about anthropology (filmed at the London Anthropology Day 2006) made by Ed Owles and Cinzia Rocchi.

Exploring Biological and Social Anthropology

Adding to his previous work, filmmaker Ed Owles takes a closer look at two main strands of British Anthropology: Biological and Socio-cultural. Find out what Cultural and Biological Anthropologists really do and how you can use a degree in anthropology to pursue a variety of different careers.

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