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Social Anthropology is the comparative study of human behaviour and ideas in their social contexts. Societies around the world vary enormously in their social, cultural, religious, and political forms, and the study of these variations lies at the heart of Social Anthropology.

We are amongst the largest departments in the UK and our research interests are correspondingly diverse. Our teaching is research-led and we are committed to taking our students along with us on our critical journeys through the comparative study of culture and society.

Choose to study Social Anthropology at Edinburgh and it could change the way you think about the world.

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Social Anthropology ✔️
Biological Anthropology
Material Culture/Archaeology ✔️
Entry Requirements ABB/ IB 34/655 HL
Preferred Subjects No specific A Level subjects required.
GCSEs: English at C or 4.
Single Honours?MA Social Anthropology
Joint Honours?MA Social Anthropology and Politics
MA Social Anthropology and Social Policy
MA Social Anthropology with Development
MA Arabic and Social Anthropology
MA Archaeology and Social Anthropology
MA Geography and Social Anthropology
MA Law and Social Anthropology
MA Linguistics and Social Anthropology
MA Persian and Social Anthropology
MA Sociology and Social Anthropology
Part-time option?No
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