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The Social Anthropology department at the University of Manchester is one of the largest in Britain and has an outstanding reputation for teaching and research. Our strength is based upon the diversity of specific regional and theoretical interests of individual members of staff. You’ll be learning and working with experts in their fields who share key research strength in areas such as poverty, race, inequality, science and genetics, the state and international development, kinship, knowledge and skills and materiality.

Social Anthropology ✔️
Biological Anthropology
Material Culture/Archaeology ✔️
Entry Requirements ABB/IB 34
Preferred Subjects No preferred subjects; many of our students come with a mixture of humanities and natural or social science subjects. Commitment to studying Anthropology is more important than any specific A-level combination.
Single Honours? BSocSc in Social Anthropology (3 years or 4 years with study year abroad)
Joint Honours?BSocSc Social Anthropology and Politics, BSocSc Social Anthropology and Philosophy, BSocSc Social Anthropology and Sociology, BSocSc Social Anthropology and Quantitative Methods, BSocSc Social Anthropology and Criminology, BA Anthropology and Comparative Religion, BA Social Anthropology and Linguistics, BA Archaeology and Anthropology
Part-time option?No
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