Goldsmiths University of London

The Department of Anthropology at Goldsmiths is one of the best in Europe, specialising in innovative research on contemporary social and political issues, including globalization, migration, racism, inequality and ecological crisis. Goldsmiths is famous for cutting-edge critical theory and public engagement.  We’re building on this legacy and pushing anthropology forward, pioneering new approaches in visual anthropology and the anthropology of modernity.

Social Anthropology ✔️
Biological Anthropology
Material Culture/Archaeology
Entry Requirements BBB/BTEC: DDM/IB 33 incl HL 655
Preferred Subjects 3 HL subjects: One at level 6 and two at level 5
Single Honours?BA Anthropology
Joint Honours?BA Anthropology and Media
BA Anthropology and Sociology
BA Anthropology and History
BA Anthropology and Visual Practice
Part-time option?Yes
Contact anthropology@gold.ac.uk